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MV flutter 7 o’clock

Friend or Foe? Mitral valve flutter with the critical isthmus at 7 o’clock sharp. 

The patient had a PVI ablation as well as a roof line. Early meets late + propagation for the win, in helping confirm block along all lines. Are you burning lines or saving time and finding that one burn… #micdrop ?

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RVOT pvc

RVOT PVC propagation with quite a juicy signal. Pace mapped at 97% match to our clinical morphology and the unipolar signal on our Pentaray catheter was too good to pass up. Suppression at 25W and a kill shot at 35W with normal sinus rhythm to prevail!

Patient care is our top priority so we use an ultrasound catheter for real-time monitoring during our procedure. Ultrasound contours are a must when ablating so close to significant anatomy such as the aortic cusps ( drawn out in blue / pink / brown ) #ePeeps Is ultrasound visualization a part of your daily workflow?

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I had the pleasure of mapping this atypical flutter case back in November utilizing Biosense Webster latest mapping technology. We found our critical isthmus and some VERY juicy signals you can see in the bottom of the video! 2 burns later, and the tachycardia was terminated and non-inducible

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