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Denovo AF

Denovo AF no more, from slow af ~280 CL ➡️ 555ms CL ➡️ NSR 🥳 brought to you by a new UI/UX

For our patient’s first time ablation, we stuck to the standard. WACAed our veins and secured the carina, but our patient remained in fib. So what now?

With the AcQmap catheter on the case, 🔎we AcQtracked the global activation of our patient’s afib in under a minute and 👀 #ePeep what we found! A verrry interesting LIA, local irregular activity, inferior to the LIPV.

It. had. it. all. – deceleration, pivoting, & breakout

Determined to term we took a core to boundary approach, and we got what we came for #burnedandtermed to nothing 👏but 👏sinus. 👏 Incredible team effort with Dr. Arfaat M Khan, MD at Henry Ford hospital in Detroit, Jacob Dreyer & Elizabeth Lasc

#ePeeps check out LIA’s role in the spatial and temporal stability of the propagation of AF at

**If you’re going to be at #hrs2022 come find me in Acutus’ Tech Suite, I’d love to connect / geek out over the emerging tech in #electrophysiology

LV Summit PVC

LV summited ➡️ PVC terminated

Our patient came into the lab with one PVC morphology in trigeminy

PVC morph breakdown:
Leads II III AVF ➡️ positive
V1 ➡️ barely anything but baseline
V2 – V6 ➡️ positive

With an Maximum Deflection Index ~.69 … we had our work cut out for us

We quickly ruled out our RVOT with our earliest activation ~at onset of our BS QRS

On to the left via retrograde through the aorta to map the cusps & find our earliest site of activation near the left coronary cusp. We weakened and suppressed our PVC w/ ablation but it beared back and we switched sides

Our PVC’s return was short lived with a trip to the CS to meet it’s final #Sheikhdown & term w/ a signal ~36 ms early in the CS and a uni that doesn’t lie 😍

#ePeeps what are your approaches to PVCs with MDIs > 55?

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PAC ➡️ Afib

PAC caught on pentaray initiated afib ➡️ terminated to NSR w/ our WACA

Here’s what we saw behind the scenes of our paroxysmal afib first timer ~virgin veins~ brought to you by #cartoreplay

#ePeeps did you catch the activity in that left common vein 👀 PAC⚡️ ➡️ AF ➡️ ablation ➡️ term with ablation while wrapping up our WACA at the base of the LIPV ➡️ and back to CS pacing for stability ➡️ EP study to follow ➡️ #nothingbutsinus 🫀

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