Madison J. Spence

Cor Triatriwhatum

By Madison Spence
December 2, 2021

Cor triatriatum…….Cor triatri-WHat-um? Does double the chambers in the RA = double the fun?

#ePeeps Check out this rare congenital defect we were able to visualize, while preparing for a “typical” flutter CTI ablation line using our ultrasound technology🫀

In homeview on our ultrasound catheter, we see that the extra membrane separating our RA appears to be fully closed and impenetrable. Clocking our catheter around toward the left atrium we spotted and targeted a gap in the membrane for us to access our Cavo Tricuspid Isthmus line. We were even able to confirm the space using the Doppler tool to visualize blood flow from the RA ➡️ RV.

We made our way to the opening in the membrane, and with some finessed catheter maneuvering and candycane-ing our STSF catheter, we completed our line of block to #burnandterm. It’s hard to say “typical” when patient’s care is so specialized, but I’m stoked have tools that allow us to adapt to complexities in real-time.

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Madison Spence

Madison Spence

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