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LV Summit PVC

By Madison Spence
January 6, 2022

LV summited ➡️ PVC terminated

Our patient came into the lab with one PVC morphology in trigeminy

PVC morph breakdown:
Leads II III AVF ➡️ positive
V1 ➡️ barely anything but baseline
V2 – V6 ➡️ positive

With an Maximum Deflection Index ~.69 … we had our work cut out for us

We quickly ruled out our RVOT with our earliest activation ~at onset of our BS QRS

On to the left via retrograde through the aorta to map the cusps & find our earliest site of activation near the left coronary cusp. We weakened and suppressed our PVC w/ ablation but it beared back and we switched sides

Our PVC’s return was short lived with a trip to the CS to meet it’s final #Sheikhdown & term w/ a signal ~36 ms early in the CS and a uni that doesn’t lie 😍

#ePeeps what are your approaches to PVCs with MDIs > 55?

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