Madison J. Spence

PAC ➡️ Afib

By Madison Spence
December 30, 2021

PAC caught on pentaray initiated afib ➡️ terminated to NSR w/ our WACA

Here’s what we saw behind the scenes of our paroxysmal afib first timer ~virgin veins~ brought to you by #cartoreplay

#ePeeps did you catch the activity in that left common vein 👀 PAC⚡️ ➡️ AF ➡️ ablation ➡️ term with ablation while wrapping up our WACA at the base of the LIPV ➡️ and back to CS pacing for stability ➡️ EP study to follow ➡️ #nothingbutsinus 🫀

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Madison Spence

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