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By Madison Spence
October 21, 2021

Dust off your history books, cuz we’re going all the way back to ‘98 with this one.

Afib, while not fully understood, is thought to be caused by pulmonary vein triggers. And let me tell you, we had one of the coolest examples of this during our case the other day.

While confirming our work post #burnandterm on the posterior wall for our patient’s persistent fib, we noticed ourselves catching a glimpse at what Haïssaguerre was referencing in his paper from September of ‘98

Crazy to think here we are 20 some years later, and technology has advanced our therapy approach leaps & bounds, but it comes back to #EPfundamentals

#ePeeps check out our decanav CS (green), BS (white), STSF (red), Pentaray 1-2, and 3-4 (yellow) all in normal sinus rhythm while the rest of Pentaray’s splines are mapping separately in the veins that are in fib!

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Madison Spence

Madison Spence

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