Madison J. Spence

Trick or Treat AT

By Madison Spence
October 28, 2021

Trick or treat? An ATach disguised as return of the CTI flutter, sure feels like it’s spooky season

Our patient came in symptomatic with what looked to be recurrent typical flutter.

Sinus map to start, we were about as tickled as the tissue that kept firing PACs (purple tags) when our EP study induced tach at 290ms. As always, the mission, to find our #oneburn

With the CTI confirmed to be blocked, we found ourselves not tricked but treated to find our ~suss~ PAC area of interest come full circle. Activation sure seemed early at and that signal😍got it at the green #burnandterm followed only by sinus

#ePeeps are AT’s the ghouls of EP?

#healthcareinnovation #arrhythmia #svt #biosensewebster #mycompany #healthcaretechnology

Madison Spence

Madison Spence

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