Madison J. Spence

Typical or atypical flutter

By Madison Spence
October 7, 2021

#ePeeps Typical or atypical? That is the question.

Patient presented in the hospital with a sawtooth like EKG leading us to believe we had typical flutter. Turns out our patient had a prior atriotomy that seems to have resulted in an incisional flutter.

Mapping with pentaray showed our lateral wall lit up by middiastolic signals with the juiciest of signals begging to be burned, labeled by the purple.

~swoosh~ “got it” ……bump term………seems we found our critical isthmus 🥳

With ablation lesions at our isthmus, and a CTI line for insurance, there was nothing but sinus to follow. Seeing a patient in normal sinus rythm for the first time in a long time never gets old 

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Madison Spence

Madison Spence

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