Irregular Beat Consulting

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Madison J. Spence

Key Accounts Clinical Manager | Product Engineer

About Me

Madison J. Spence’s career is marked by her exceptional ability to bridge the gap between diverse stakeholders in the healthcare sector, including physicians, engineers, and patients. Her significant contributions include pioneering AFib arrhythmia trigger mapping protocols in EP labs at Acutus Medical and expanding Biosense Webster’s technology adoption through collaboration with EP physicians. Madison’s role in medical education at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she facilitated practical, hands-on learning experiences in human anatomy, further highlights her talent in communicating complex concepts across various domains. Her expertise and leadership in integrating technological advancements into clinical practice have been instrumental in advancing cardiac care.


Acutus Medical

Key Accounts Therapy Manager

As a Key Accounts Therapy Manager at Acutus Medical, Inc., I have been instrumental om pioneering novel AFib arrhythmia trigger mapping protocols within EP labs, significantly enhancing treatment approaches in cardiology. Additionally, my work involved publishing papers on these protocols’ outcomes, contributing to the broader medical community’s understanding and management of heart arrhythmias worldwide.

Biosense Webster

Clinical Account Specialist

During my tenure as a Clinical Account Specialist at Biosense Webster, I played a key role in mapping cardiac arrhythmias in the electrophysiology lab, bridging the gap between advanced technology and practical clinical applications. My collaboration with EP physicians was instrumental in building trust and expanding the adoption of Biosense Webster technologies in the West Michigan region.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Anatomy Lab Assistant

I facilitated the learning of future medical professionals by assisting in the identification and understanding of anatomical structures. My involvement in preparing and dissecting cadavers played a crucial role in providing practical, hands-on learning experiences for students, thereby enriching their comprehension of human anatomy.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

BSE - Biological Systems Engineering