Madison J. Spence

Madison J. Spence

You've Made It This Far

I’m not sure what brought you to my corner of the internet, but welcome. People describe me as a problem solver, passionate and in-tune with the needs of others, but I’m just another anti-socialite engineer like the rest of them.

Poke around to learn more about my work playing videogames with doctors in heart laboratories, or some of my more artistic side hustles.


Key Accounts Therapy Manager

I spend my work hours in cardiology labs across the country, assisting electrophysiologists in heart arrhythmia studies and documenting the cases here.

Biological Systems Engineer

Classically trained engineer from the University of Nebraska with an emphasis in biological, physiological, anatomical, chemical and technological systems.


At home I like to unwind through a constant stream of projects, weird I know. Sometimes it experimenting with a new recipe, tool, or medium.

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Once a month I send out a newsletter on sharing my learnings in the field of electrophysiology.

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